RV Dougherty

K74A1742_KSR Staff Headshots_Spring 2019_RV Dougherty.png

pronouns: they / them

about me:

I work with mission-driven organizations and individuals to develop strategies that drive robust community engagement, increase access to new knowledge and best practices, and build organizational capacity. I have a track record of supporting founders on the verge of breakthroughs, organizations in moments of rapid growth, and experts ready to geek out about new discoveries.

I bring over nine years of community organizing experience to my work which focuses on building relational culture that drives collective healing and action. To date, my work and research has focused on fostering deep community engagement and creating equitable access to public space. In my spare time, I can be found going off-recipe in the kitchen, wrestling with my Jewish spiritual life, and doing other things that bring me joy.



I approach all of my work with a deep value for leadership, community, social justice, and joy. Here's what that means to me:

Leadership: I believe that everyone can be a leader when we invite their contributions and expertise. By developing decentralized leadership models, everyone can play a role in enhancing and caring for a community or organization, thereby driving capacity and sustainability for long-term impact.

Community: I see deep power in communities and their ability to develop a collective vision for the future. From within healthy, thriving communities, not only do we pursue this collective vision, but we also care for each other along the way through mutual respect and solidarity.

Social justice: I center the experiences and leadership of those who have been historically marginalized, with a deep understanding that those who live at the intersections are best positioned to define the state of our world, develop a vision for what a more just future looks like, and forge the path towards this vision in ways that center the healing and needs of their communities.

Joy: As adrienne maree brown says, “ We’ve been trained to be afraid of our own yes, and what feels good in our lives. Get curious about that. Who benefits from you being terrified to be happy?” I am deeply committed to cultivating projects and creative practice that ground myself and others in joy. Learn more here.