I'm RV, a community-building expert with 9 years experience. Learn more about me and my values here.


What can community engagement look like?

Every community, every organization is a unique ecosystem made up of its own individuals, values, history, and vision for the future. Let’s work together to make sure your community continues to learn, grow, and thrive so that you can have an impact, long-term.




Want to make sure everyone’s voice is heard at your next meeting? I provide facilitation for one-off meetings and help organizations develop unique facilitation models so they can build internal capacity for open, generative communication.


workshop design

Looking to develop community-driven solutions? Let me help design a workshop that gets ideas flowing and ensures you walk away with actionable next steps.



strategy consultation

What does the community of your dreams look like? How will you engage with each other? What will you achieve together? Let’s map out a plan to get you there.


curriculum design

Want to share your latest breakthrough? Curious about making your curriculum accessible online? Let’s get your ideas out there with interactive curriculum and training design.


event planning

Looking to bring your community together? There’s nothing better than seeing your people in person. Let’s talk about how you want people to feel and engage at your gathering, and I’ll handle the details to make it happen.  



Want to know what makes your people tick? I design, coordinate, and analyze research to understand community dynamics, civic engagement trends, and experiences of frontline communities.