What's it like to work with me?

I am a process-oriented professional with a mean attention for detail. Not only are my files hyper organized, but I also make sure we are collaborating in ways that work for everyone involved. For some this means regular check-in calls and progress reports, for others this means we'll talk when inspiration or necessity strikes. At the end of the day, I'm here to help you grow and sustain your community so you can take on whatever comes your way. Read below for some stories from past projects, and get in contact to learn more.


story #1: $he $pends

She Spends is a weekly newsletter and website created to give women actionable tools to close the wage, investing and board seat gaps. Their team was grappling with how to engage their ever-growing audience for deeper community building, knowledge sharing, and support. I guided the She Spends team through an exercise to help define their audience and map this audience onto different pathways to build participation and generate financial support within their community. They have successfully grown their monthly donor base and developed community guidelines for their discussion board.

Story #2: streetlives nyc

Streetlives is a community-built platform that will enable people who are homeless or in poverty to easily find, rate and recommend social services across New York City. They were preparing to host a workshop with youth from the Ali Forney Center and needed some help figuring out what they wanted the workshop to look like. I worked with their team to define a clear purpose for the workshop and then designed and facilitated this three-hour workshop, guiding participants through a visioning exercise to articulate their professional goals.

Story #3: ACLU of Pennsylvania

The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania has a great "Know Your Rights" handbook for students across the state. I worked to translate this handbook into a two-hour interactive training specifically for LGBTQ students who were facing censorship and harassment in schools, and I delivered this training to small groups of high-schoolers across Western Pennsylvania. Students left with a sense of empowerment, better understanding how they could express and advocate for themselves in school.

some of the awesome organizations I've worked with

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